Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Re-Created World and a Renaissance Faire Reunion

As a writer I try to create (or re-create) whole worlds with words, as an illustrator I attempt the same with my pictures. In the 60s school teacher Phyllis Patterson and artist Ron Patterson did create a world in three dimensions – a small Elizabethan village faire where craftsmen, food vendors, entertainers and visitors could come together.

And for almost 20 years the fabulous experience of going back in time, believing one was living in the 16th century, and reveling in it, was recreated at Paramount Ranch in Agoura and at Blackpoint in Northern California.

There are still a number of us fanatic and die-hard fans of the Agoura faire! I’ve been meaning to attend the annual (original) Renaissance Faire reunion at the Agoura site for years. Sunday I finally did, and it was wonderful to see the old oak trees again.

Renaissance Faires still exist, all over the country. Starting on April 10 the California ‘first Renaissance Faire’ will start. But it’s not the Patterson’s faire (it was sold years ago) and it’s not at the Agoura site, which is still beautiful but ghost-ridden and has the feel of the lost Brigadoon.

But unlike Brigadoon, it won't return.......

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