Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm back, and with a few quotes from Illustrator's Day

I have been on a longer hiatus from my blog than I intended!  I have been busily writing and painting and now have a lovely agent—Abigail Samoun of Red Fox Literary.  I have two manuscripts (with dummies and sample finished art) circulating “out there“ in the great Land of Publishing!  My portfolio on this site is definitely due for additions of my new work, but new pieces can be seen on the Red FoxLiterary site.

Now that my latest work has gone to my agent, I’m ready to begin a new manuscript!  At the latest L.A. Illustrator’s Day, writer, illustrator and general Renaissance-man, Peter Reynolds spoke of having  a personal list titled “Books Not yet in Print.”  This catalogue contains over 400 of his ideas for future books.  I have a list too—not so long! but long enough to consider which idea I want to work on next.

Below are some wise and inspiring quotes from the recent Los Angeles Illustrator’s Day…

Dan Krall
had a list of 10 things he has learned that could have saved him 10 years!  Selections are:

Be brief. Think, what can I leave out? It needs to be a non-stop trim-fest!

Finish it! Knuckle down and see it through.

Be nice. Hit your deadlines. Be responsible.

Always have at least 5 irons in the fire. Get it out, do the next thing.
Always Google your new project to make sure it hasn’t been done.
Peter Reynolds, author/illustrator of The Dot, and Ish was inspiring and shared many words of wisdom, my favorite of which was

Draw fearlessly!