Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Magic of Bookmobiles

The public library is where I first experienced true magic. Some of my best childhood memories involve library visits (and visits of the library to me). We lived across the street from a park, so that’s probably why the bookmobile stopped by our house. Or perhaps it was because we always checked out the maximum number of books allowed. To us the bus interior seemed huge, and there were lots of books to choose from on the shelves that lined the walls. Being able to take the books home and to climb into the big old saggy overstuffed chair my sister and I fought over, to read my books and get lost in all those other worlds was true happiness.

I had thought them a thing of the past, but they do still exist, they do still provide library services to locations where libraries aren’t accessible. Bookmobiles have changed with the times. The first bookmobile, 150 years ago, was a horse drawn cart in England which they called the perambulating library. In its first year it lent 12000 books! Today bookmobiles have computers, audio books and even classes -- I’m so glad that they also continue to bring the magic of books to children.

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