Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shameless Promotion and Library Card Sign-Up Month

An unstated purpose of this blog is to record the musings of a first-time published writer and illustrator. With that in mind, and because this is Shameless Promotion Month, I thought I would comment on my book again.

I’ve realized that the thrill of being published, seeing my printed book for the first time, getting lovely reviews, having my first book signing and even seeing my book in a book store were all leading up to realizing my life-long dream: the sight of my book on the shelf in the children’s department of a public library. Because libraries meant so much to me as a child (and still do) it's wondrous to now be part of that world – true joy.

On WorldCat and more locally, CalCat, I have found that as of now Signed, Abiah Rose is in hundreds of libraries in the U.S. and Canada (some with multiple copies!) Astonishing. There are some still on order. At least one copy has been lost or stolen already!

As this is also Library Card Sign-Up Month, I will take this opportunity to request that any who don’t actually have a library card (are there really such people in the world?) apply for one immediately. And while you’re supporting your library by getting a card, why not check out my book!

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