Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiration Boards for Artists and Writers

I love photos and sketches of artists’ studios. I love that artists and writers often surround themselves with inspirational ephemera—pinned or anchored by magnets onto bulletin boards. The collages of photos, notes and sketches have a beauty of their own. That they have a purpose—to help us to focus our thoughts, remind us of the project at hand, or inspire us with new ideas—is the frosting on the cake.

My friend, talented artist Donna Finkbiner, always had wonderful inspiration boards. On them were usually some of her delightful cat paintings and drawings, and art ‘scrap’ (to inspire her many other ongoing projects) usually having to do with cats, interesting architecture or other artists’ work she admired.

Surrounding ourselves with favorite images is always a fine idea—and one way to revive a flagging imagination, or just to cheer us up!

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