Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cats on Wednesday - Bebe the Book Store Cat

McCabe & Company, Booksellers (founded in 1979) is much appreciated in the San Bernardino mountain community of Crestline by locals and visitors alike. Besides being a great little book store, McCabe’s is popular due to their official greeter, Bebe.

Owner Carol McCabe told me Bebe has “always been a working cat.” Two years ago her previous position at an antique store up the block was terminated when the store closed. Bebe was then known as Baby, but that name was judged to not suit her strong personality. Not able to retire to her previous employer’s home due to her outspoken negative opinions of animals already in residence, Bebe (née Baby) was carried in state up the block to her new home, the cozy and charming McCabe’s Book Store.

At McCabe’s Bebe oversees merchandise stocking, sales, book signings, inventory, and customer relations. She likes everyone, but owner Carol describes her as a ‘flirt’, who definitely prefers gentlemen customers.

Marie Collins, weekend manager and former school teacher in the La Cañada school system, told me Bebe “reads all night.” (She catches up on lost sleep during the day between shop duties.)

Marie Collins and Bebe share a book

Recently Bebe has shown a growing interest in helping ring up sales. Marie told me Bebe, who likes her mouse (the computer mouse, that is) wreaks havoc on the cash register computer in order to reach it. There’s one particular button she manages to step on -- it controls the dispensing of customers’ receipts.

She’s an educated cat. Saving paper? Going green?

Cats like quiet places. And quiet activities. Their presence is wonderfully calming, and they can be extremely charming when they choose to be.

They are perfect book store companions.

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