Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Tour Finale -- Laura Lacamara's Floating on Mama's Song

I have very much enjoyed being part of Laura Lacámara’s virtual book tour this week! Laura is guest blogging again today, the last day of the tour, to announce the winner of a copy of her delightful book, Floating on Mama’s Song.

Thank you Diane, Megan, Tina and René for the wonderful job you each did hosting and conducting the Blog Tour interviews. Many thanks, also, to my fellow interviewees, Katherine Tegen and Yuyi Morales, for your heartfelt responses. It’s been more fun and enlightening than I could have anticipated.

Thanks to everyone who visited and posted comments.  Now (drum roll, please) announcing the official winner of the book giveaway contest:

Janelle, a/k/a “Brimful Curiosities,” gets a copy of Floating on Mama’s Song.


Be on the lookout for my next picture book release, The Runaway Piggy (Illustrated by Laura Lacámara, written by James Luna), to be published by Piñata Books on November 30, 2010!

If you missed any of the earlier tour stops, here are links to the host sites:

Monday, Aug. 30 - Floating on Mama's Song synopsis, reviews
Out of the Paintbox - Diane Browning

Tuesday, Aug. 31- Laura Lacámara (author) interview
On Beyond Words & Pictures - Megan Frances

Wednesday, Sept. 1- Katherine Tegen (editor) interview -- Publication day!
Tales from the Rushmore Kid - Tina Nichols Coury

Thursday, Sept. 2 - Yuyi Morales (illustrator) interview
Latin Baby Book Club - René Colato Lainez


  1. Congratulations to "Brimful Curiosities" ! !

    Thanks to all of the Blog Tour hosts: Diane, Megan, Tina, & Rene ! ! !

    All of Laura & Yuyi's fans & supporters: please keep spreading the word about Floating on Mama's Song -- and check your local bookstores to see if the book is on the shelf!

    -- HM <3

  2. Congrats on your book tour Laura. I will definitely buy your book for my 3 year old neice and nephew.

  3. Thanks so much! I look forward to reading Floating on Mama’s Song with my children.

  4. Brimful C - Congratulations, again . . & Thanks for your Twitter post on Aug. 31 ! -- HM

  5. I enjoyed being part of Laura's blog tour -- you're welcome, Laura and Hal! -- and my congratulations also to the winner of Laura's book, Brimful Curiosities.