Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cats on Wednesday – Animal Remembrance Month

September is both Self-Awareness and Strategic Thinking Month.  Throughout the year there are many commemorative possibilities to choose from.  For today's Cats on Wednesday post I'm celebrating Animal Remembrance Month, which is a world-wide observance.  I still remember and miss every pet I've ever had.  My sister and I bought George and Ringo, a pair of strawberry finches, in Chinatown when we were living in San Francisco.  They were wonderful companions.  Our cats, however, are especially missed and I don't need a special month to bring them to mind.

Extra-toed, Fruit-fearing Sophie
Cats on Wednesday is primarily about cat muses, and they were certainly muses to me. My sister and I have come up with countless cat-inspired book ideas which we usually found hilarious at the time. Unfortunately we usually failed to write them down, or having written them down couldn’t later decipher our notes. I do have lists of book titles inspired by one cat or another. I have an unsold picture book manuscript and illustrations about my nature-loving indoor-only cat Scout, and another idea about fraidy-cat Sophie who always ran at the sight of a certain tropical fruit. At one time, when my home was apparently known far and wide among the cat population as the refuge of choice, I came up with yet another cat-related manuscript.

There were Morgan and Thea (feline versions of Romeo and Juliet - devoted to one another); motherly Emily and her adopted daughter Orly; and Alyosha (the battle-scarred and wise alley cat, loved by all the rest). This month is for them, and more – yes, there were more. They were good cats, all.

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