Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Los Angeles’ Central Library and a Favorite Illustrator

Downtown’s Central Library has had wonderful exhibits of the works of children’s book illustrators and hosted talks by children’s book authors and illustrators.  I’ve seen an exhibit there of Leo Politi’s wonderful paintings and fell in love with Fred Marcellino’s book covers and children’s illustrations.  Now his cover from Puss in Boots, (which has no title to distract from the exquisite close-up of the famous cat!), graces the computer screensaver I see every day.

The last library event I attended was a talk by one of my favorite illustrators, Patricia Polacco.  She told us wonderful stories about her family and childhood which have inspired her many, many lovely books.  She showed us the very quilt her grandmother made out of the blue dress and red babushka she had worn when she came through Ellis Island.  The quilt inspired one of the 77 books she’s created (one of my favorites!) The Keeping Quilt.

She also revealed that she has 2 dogs, 12 goats, 3 sheep and many, many cats!  She also raises horses.  No wonder the animals in her stories are so fabulously portrayed.  She has so many models on hand!

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  1. How did I miss the Patricia Polacco talk??? I always have my antenna up for illustrator events and shows at the Central Library. Did you see the William Joyce show yet? Its up until July 5 so oodles of time.

    Congratulations on your new blog (I found you on Lee Wind's Zen of blogging) and super congratulations for winning Best Picture Book manuscript on Writers Day!