Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dreams, Obstacles and Goals – Continued

Since the beginning of the new year I have attended four meeting of writers and illustrators where the topic of conversation was our new year’s 'resolutions'—our mission statements. There was a repetition of advice at each meeting which was good, because apparently we humans often don’t do very well in keeping our new year’s promises to ourselves.

The suggestions of all four of these creative meetings are very do-able. I believe that if I don’t understand the process after discussing it four times in two weeks there’s no hope for me! I’ll address this subject in future posts to see if I am putting any of these good ideas into practice!

Below is a collection of good ideas and quotes gleaned from my marathon of resolution meetings.

Writer to Writer—Catherine Linka’s monthly writer’s group at the Flintridge Bookstore.

• “If you know your dreams you know your direction.”

• Verbalize your dreams so you know what you’re aiming for. Recognizing your obstacles and look for solutions, changing what you can and naming your goals, making sure they are realistic and measureable by setting a deadline.

LA FAN (Los Angeles Fine Arts Network)—my fine arts painting group, founded by Belgin Kaya Wedman.

• Dream, recognize obstacles and make achievable goals. (Yes, it’s the same message)!

• Re: Obstacles: If I am sabotaging myself or resisting success, why? How am I doing that?

• Be specific about goals and what’s stopping us from achieving them.

• Cut out distractions. Narrow the focus. Do the work

Westside SCBWI Writer’s Schmooze—Coordinators Lee Wind and Rita Crayon Huang

• “Hope is not a plan” was the well named topic of the discussion. We used writer Holly Black’s exercises for our discussion of “dreams, internal opposition and internal resources to overcome that opposition” and named short term and long term goals—(keeping them realistic). Yes, different words, but same message!

• “You want something, you go for it despite opposition and you win, lose or draw… but really you win no matter what because you’re changed by the journey!“ Because you’ve done the work and have something to improve upon….

Westside Illustrator’s Schmooze—Coordinator Suzy Engleman Block

• Set SMART goals—which means goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based

• Baby steps are a good idea. ”Success is a result of achievements in small increments.”

• “At the moment of commitment the universe conspires to help you.” Goethe

So the consensus is:

Dream. “Begin with the end in mind” but also set realistic goals, SMART ones. “Let go of the outcome and work with energy to attain our goals!”

Yes, it’s the same message! And a good one.

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