Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cats on Wednesday -- Cat Burglar Cat

A real cat burglar is much in the news lately. The now-notorious Dusty has been dubbed by his neighbors ‘Klepto’ because of his constant thieving of a variety of items from their yards and back gardens. He has now been ‘outed’ by television reports which exposed his theft(s) of some 600 items in the last three years.

Animal Planet Network installed a camera to document his nightly forays. Eleven thefts in one night is his record so far. Bathing suits are Klepto’s Dusty’s favorite item but he has collected an amazing collection of loot, including shoes (both of them) and towels (as large as bath towels) which he drags home with difficulty. Luckily neighbors have taken the crimes in stride and now know just to go to Dusty’s house to retrieve their lost belongings. Any item not claimed will be auctioned to help humane society charities.

So famed is the handsome six year old part-Siamese that he has been flown from California to New York to be on television. Dusty’s story has been told on TV and radio around the world. He is scheduled to be guest of honor and grand marshal at a fund-raising pet parade for a local humane society.

Dusty now wears a bell on his collar to warn possible victims he’s at large. It hasn’t worked yet.

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