Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 SCBWI Illustrators Intensive -- Some More Notes

More quotes and photos from the August SCBWI Intensive

David Small
I don’t see how anyone can be an illustrator if they can’t draw the human body from memory.

(Retaining spontaneity) is my goal.

Don’t illustrate a manuscript unless you love it.  You will have to read it every day of your life for a year. Don’t do it just for the money.
My eye knows when I’m finished (with an illustration).
Rembrandt was an illustrator!

Synthetic brushes last forever....

On book tours I always take a sketch book. I need to keep drawing!

The artist’s duty is not to surprise the viewer.  The artist’s duty is to surprise himself.

A sort of calm (comes over me) when I’ve done something really good…(something) that welcomes or disturbs the eye in a pleasant way.

Marla Frazee
I stretch every kind of paper (from) Xerox 1 ply recycled paper to series 500 Strathmore hot press paper. It doesn’t have to be watercolor paper.  Getting the paper wet sets the graphite sketch (so it won’t smudge). I don’t use illustration board because you can’t use it with a light box.

I use Windsor & Newton watercolor or gouache and inexpensive brushes.
I paint 50 or more layers (with a small brush!) for my backgrounds. It’s not interesting to watch!

I like to use Prismacolor black Verithin and ebony graphite 5H pencils.
I draw out of my head, from a model or if photo reference is needed I Google it. I also have a scrap file of images. When using photo images (I take care) not to get too close to the photo image or the illustration won’t work.

Think character, scale, setting…
Technique is secondary because if the illustration isn’t working it doesn’t matter (what the technique is).

Think of the rhythm of the story…Where are the beats?
I have no desire to do art on a computer. Work in a way that relaxes you. I get tense on the computer. It feels great (to me) to spend the day in the studio working!

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