Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seven Picture Books in Seven Days…Continues

I’m on schedule so far….five picture books ‘done,’ although I have to check with Paula Yoo on one of them.  Did I cheat?  She says they have to have a beginning, middle and end.  On a particularly hectic day I wrote an alphabet book.  As an illustrator I see everything visually and I got very excited about how I would illustrate it.  So it seems like a real book to me.  I figure the middle of the book is the letter M!

All my other books meet the proper criteria, according to the rules.

I’ve been reading and sympathizing with Paula’s reports on her own picture book writing and have enjoyed reading the comments of the rest of us crazies!


  1. That's great! As long as you got through the begining, middle and ending of the alphabet, it qualifies - YAY YOU!!!

    As for me, I have just over one day left to write three more books... I... CAN.... DO... IT!!!

  2. Wow! You are an inspiration!

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  3. An alphabet book should definitely qualify! Congratulations on making it through what looks like a very busy week and still managing to write and stay on schedule.