Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wise and Witty Authors Speak!

Here are a few pithy quotes from three wonderful writers who spoke at today’s fifth annual author panel sponsored by The Studio City Library and Los Angeles Valley College’s child development department.

Lisa Yee – blogger, young adult and middle grade author:  Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

I love the smell of old books.

Nothing ever goes to waste with an unsold manuscript. You can use part of a rejected story in a new one.

I didn’t know public speaking was part of being an author.

Doing school visits keeps you in touch with your readers.

After I’d done my first book I bought Harold Underdown’s Complete Idiot’s Guide to Children’s Publishing to see if I’d done it right.

Barney Saltzberg – musician and picture book writer/illustrator:  Kisses

I went to art school because John Lennon did.

Books with heart and soul feel better.

If you write a bad song (or manuscript) finish it. Get it out of you. And move on.

Hope Anita Smith – poet and illustrator:  Keeping the Night Watch

I’d rather read than eat.

A book store is like home to me.

Why do I write? Because I can.

I wanted to be on Broadway. Now I’ve found a way to get to the stage – through writing.

Children’s books are the best books.

Everything is connected to words.

With a pencil and a piece of paper the world is yours.

Writing is therapeutic.

We are every age that we ever were!


  1. Thanks for this - great for those of us who couldn't get there!

  2. I wish I'd been there too. What a perfect synopsis!