Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cats on Wednesday - Tuxedo Cats and Artists

My blog banner shows Abiah Rose’s black and white cat sitting expectantly beside her paintbox.

So why black and white? I have always had cats, showing interest in what I paint and write, sympathizing when things don’t go well and being generally good company while I work. I have a special fondness for Siamese. But none of the various and sundry cats I’ve had have been black and white.

My family used to babysit a wonderful example of black and white: Orly. She frequently visited her surrogate mother, our tabby cat Emily, while her ‘father’ traveled on business. Hence the connection with Paris’ Orly airport, due to her frequent bursts of urgent running through the house (I’m late for my plane!?).

Other tuxedo-clad visitors who spent time at our house were mother and daughter, Baby and Alley (yes, Baby was the mother). They were the sweet and super-photogenic cats of our dear late friend, artist Donna Finkbiner.

So why did I give Abiah a black and white cat? It was a book design decision. I thought black and white went best with my color palette and besides, Siamese cats didn’t come to America until after Abiah’s time. Truth is, other than period inaccuracy I couldn’t have made a wrong choice – all cats are works of art!

© D. Finkbiner

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