Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts on the 2010 SCBWI Summer Conference

The SCBWI Summer Conference ended on Monday, and I feel the way I do every year after it ends – exhausted, but really sorry it’s over. For the next couple of days especially it’s hard not to wish you were back there, hurrying from workshops to the main ballroom for speeches and back again for more workshops.

Of course deciding which workshop to attend, when there’s always at least three you really want to go to, is always difficult. But I learned a lot, sold a few copies of my book at the book sale, met new people and old friends.

And I got to visit with my lovely editor, Abigail Samoun -- a little business and a little just visiting. We were both tired, or flaky, or both. Abigail discovered she’d lost her phone. I discovered that unbelievably I’d forgotten to pick up my portfolio after the portfolio display. We ran around excitedly. She got her phone back. I found out my portfolio was safe. All was well.

Tomorrow I will write about favorite conference speakers and experiences.

As for Cats on Wednesday….I took a cat-nap yesterday, but felines will be back next week. Soon I’ll have actual author and illustrator cats and their people, reporting on their lives and work.


  1. Great reporting - thanks! I had no idea you were selling your books at the conference but luckily I already have one . . .

  2. Thanks, Terry -- and I'm so glad you have my book!