Thursday, June 10, 2010

Signed, Abiah Rose Blog Tour -- and Confessions of an Illustrator

At this year’s SCBWI Writers Day Mary Peterson and I sat together in Nancy Sanders’ workshop and learned how blog tours work -- so now I’m very pleased Mary is hosting today’s tour stop. She’s interviewing Signed, Abiah Rose’s illustrator (me, again) at her blog A Beautiful Fish.

Doing the illustrations for Abiah was both fun and frightening. I couldn’t wait to get started. I could do this … even though there were so many paintings at once, and that deadline looming. I figured out how many to do a week, and paired up the simple ones with the complex. Finishing them and stacking them up gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment, but where did the time go? Dozens of cups of green tea and boxes of crackers (caffeine and nervous food) and I was nearing the deadline. I have to admit I begged for a bit more time, and thankfully got it.

“Wait! Wait! Just a bit more detail over there”, and “I’m not quite happy with those trees,” I lamented, as my sister (tech support, psychiatrist and mail courier) grabbed illustrations from me and rushed to FedEx, while I kept painting on the next batch. I finished them! All of them. Off to the publishing house! But my perfectionist-self continued to suffer and agonize that I didn’t have just one more day (or two) to keep painting. Wasn’t there time for do-overs? You mean you like them?

I was never ‘through’ with the illustrations – even today I’d like to make changes. Well one thing, or maybe two, or three, or…..

Friday, if technical problems allow, the tour will include a (for now) mystery guest!

If you're just now joining the tour, prior stops include Tina Nichols Coury's Tales From the Rushmore Kid and Megan Frances' On Beyond Words and Pictures.

Don't forget to leave a comment at any of the tour stops -- you might win a signed copy of my book!