Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Signed, Abiah Rose Blog Tour -- and I Hit the Editor Jackpot!

My good friend and fellow Schmooze-group member, Megan Frances, is interviewing the editor for Signed, Abiah Rose today on her site, On Beyond Words and Pictures.

Like most first-time writers I believe I approached working with an editor with a combination of positive emotions and a little trepidation. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much trepidation, perhaps because I had briefly met my editor, Tricycle’s Abigail Samoun, and attended two of her workshops at the SCBWI Summer Conference.

As it turned out, working with Abigail was very comfortable. During the editing process she asked thought-provoking, probing questions. These caused me to delve deeper into my own story. Sometimes they challenged me to know ‘why’, or ‘where’ or ‘when,’ not necessarily to change it, but to be sure it was authentic and true. And surprisingly we didn’t, after all, shorten the story; sometimes I felt it was surely getting longer, and definitely getting better. Thanks to Abigail the manuscript became a richer, more polished story.

I’ve heard that editing isn’t what it once was, but I have to believe Abigail is an editor of the old-fashioned kind, in the best possible sense of the word.

Remember, comments posted here and on the other blogs on the tour make you eligible for a signed copy of the book!

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Wednesday, June 9
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Friday, June 11
To be Announced!

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  1. I enjoyed hosting day 2 of the blog tour for Signed, Abiah Rose very much. It was such a pleasure interviewing Abigail Samoun. Thank you for the opportunity. Don't forget, you promised I could interview you too!