Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does this book make me look fat? and other deep thoughts....

Do you live in the moment? Are you appreciating the first time being published as a writer and/or illustrator (or the second, third or.....)?

A friend asked me to pick up a couple of copies of my book (MY book) for her as she couldn’t get to the book store. At literally two minutes to closing I ran into Children’s Book World, rushed to the desk and breathlessly asked where (MY) book was. I purchased it and ran out. Hey…..wait a minute….

This was the first time I’d seen my book in a book store! The first time I’d seen it on a shelf in a book store! (It was nicely placed on a shelf of new books – facing out!) The first time I’d seen it purchased (OK, by me). At least I’d had the clarity of thought to ask whether they would re-order it – after all, I was wiping out their entire supply. (“Yes!”)

The next day I walked into Vroman’s (knowing they had it on hand) and calmly (sort of) told the young lady that I had come to visit my book. She showed me where they were shelved (unfortunately, not facing out) and asked me if I would SIGN them! While she went for a pen, my sister took a picture of me with my book. Of course she came back quickly, and caught me posing! Something about her attitude convinced me I wasn’t the first writer or illustrator to visit their own book....

So….! My conclusion is I am savoring the moment. I am appreciating this grand journey and acting perfectly foolish about the whole thing. Hurrah!

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  1. What a wonderful milestone - and that book looks great on you!